Saturday, October 3, 2009

Playing catchup....again!

I've missed writing my blog - I was away for four days with my "adopted daughter" Shane at the Maine Organic Farmer's and Gardeners Association - Common Ground Country Fair. We have a booth each year in the Maine Fiber Farms tent. We left last Thursday morning and came home Sunday evening. I've been trying to catch up ever since.

We had a great time! Sales were great, the company was better and I'm glad to be home. It's an enjoyable get-away, meeting up with folks I usually only see once a year. Good food, good friends and tons of fiber - a great combination :) I always feel so inspired after the fair.
Special Thanks to Diane and Michele for all their hard work on behalf of the vendors in the Fiber Farms tent. We had a new tent this year - it was great. Each year things get a little easier.

I started out with 15 sheepskins and brought home just 4. Sold one this morning in the farm shop.

I'm hoping these three will sell by Christmas. I'm going to keep the farm stand open through the holidays. We just added fresh beef and hopefully people will be interested!

We left with approximately 170+ skeins of dyed and natural yarns. This is what's left. People were very happy with the colors this year. It's downright near impossible to please EVERYONE - no one seemed unhappy this year. That's always a good thing when dealing with the public. Our rovings were well received again this year. One woman bought three pounds of the whitest shetland/finn roving I had to spin and knit her daughter a Gossamer weight lace shawl for her wedding. Can you imagine? That's tons of spinning and then the knitting! Gossamer weight it like spider web. It will be a magnificent creation and a fabulous family heirloom. She's promised a photo - I'll share it when I receive it.

The list of farm chores that need to be done is long in length. We are making Christmas pickles now and that will take the rest of the week and then it's on to apple sauce. Breeding season for the sheep is just around the corner and animals need to be moved into different areas of the barn for the winter. Pigs go to the butcher on 10/11. That will reduce my grain bill significantly!

Otis is growing like a weed - I'll have photos next post :)

Was happy to open the farm stand this morning and see my regular customers. Was very discouraged to find that a few of the local rif-raf vandalized my farm stand sign at 11 a.m. I just can't figure out what possesses these young people to be so destructive. I can't see the enjoyment in that. Oh well - Steve patched it up and re-hung it on the post. We are open despite the damage.

Have a great weekend everyone!


kristi said...

So good to see a post and hear about how well your homestead is doing! I can only imagine the pride and satisfaction you get from selling your beautiful products! The yarn colors are just wonderful! Thank you for the compliment on my wall hanging....I am really enjoying needle felting:) Hope you have a "restful" Sunday!

corinne said...

OK, gotta ask....what are Christmas pickles??? LOL

Deb said...

You have a restful sunday as well. I'm sure you need it :)

Chistmas pickels are pink :) They are made with HUGE, overripe cucumbers, marachino cherries, sugar, vinegar, clove oil and cinnamon oil. They are spicy and sweet at the same time and my family eats them like candy.

Callie said...

The yarn looks so bright and beautiful no wonder people loved it and the fleeces look so soft and warm. I wish I wasn't allergic to wool. Hope your store sells out. Maybe you might make a Christmas Pickle recipe post?

lisa said...

So, good to hear from you! I am glad that you had a good weekend. I love the sheep skins! How large are they, in a picture you can never tell!

Michelle said...

I am so impressed by all you do! I am overwhelmed with just one child and can never find time to spin. But it's wonderful to hear how well you did at the fair and are doing at your farmstand; yea you!

ga.farmwoman said...

The sheepskins and yarn is beautiful! Your farm stand sounds like so much fun. I have always wanted to do something like that but we don't have any traffic in this area.

The Country Fair with your friends also sounded like a great time.

good luck with everything. I know it all is hard work along with the fun.


Breezey375 said...

Oh my God, I so want some of that yarn!!! It looks so beautiful! The colors are incredible!!!!

DayPhoto said...

I want to buy some of your yarn, would you send me a price list to my email?