Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogless week........

It seems we are in a type of transition period here on the farm and there hasn't been much of interest to blog about this week. You can see by the photo above, even the cat was bored. He really did fall asleep with his head on the water dish :)

We continue to ready land and animals for winter. I brush hogged the new pasture area we had cleared last fall. It was soft in places and the wild grass was thick but I managed to get it all cut down. I'd like to spread manure on the entire piece before snow but not sure that will happen. I have managed to get manure on one of the gardens for the winter and hope to finish the other two asap.

We are moving animal accommodations around for the winter months and putting in a new cow tie up. I'll post pictures when we finish. I've got the design in my head and a materials list written out. Now to get to it! That will make life easier for the cows and me in the winter and we will use less sawdust. Usually on blustery nights they stay in the box stalls and it takes a lot of bedding to keep those stalls comfy. Sawdust is harder and harder to come by and shavings are darn expensive! We are hoping the tie up solves both issues and I know the cows will be nice and toasty together.

My boys have come down with a nasty virus - no gastro or respiratory problems just fatigue and severe body ache. Tyler had to have blood drawn for labs for the first time. Let's just say it did not go well. Doc thinks its a virus that will clear up on it's own in 7-10 days and not related to H1N1 or anything of that nature. I'm praying it's not.

That's it from the farm for now. Hope you and yours are well :)


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

We get our pine shaving from a lumber company. Free, but we have to take our bags, jump up in a trailer, and bag 'em.

I have a nephew with the same symptoms you described. Hope everybody bounces back.

threecollie said...

Oh, the poor boys! I hope they feel better real soon.

lisa said...

First, I hope the boys feel better! We are trying to do the same and get things ready for winter before snow flies! Hopeing to get a good wrap around drive that goes around the garage to the barn and that way we will be able to plow snow better and keep the drives open! We just got done haveing 8 loads of gravel brought in! Hope you get everything done you want! WE haven't even been able to get in the gardens because of more important things to be done and of course the ground has been wet!

Callie said...

Hope the boys are feeling better and recover quickly.

Sue said...

Hope your boys get better soon.
And I HATE this having to be paranoid about the H1N1.....

DayPhoto said...

I'm glad it isn't H1N1, so far our area of the world is not having troubles with H1N1. The hospital said there is five different kinds of flu in the area now.

Hope the kids get better soon and you don't get it!


ga.farmwoman said...

We are trying to get things in order around here too for winter. We have firewood cut, some of the pastures bush hogged and some winter coverage planted, rye for one.

I do hope the boys all feel better soon. My oldest who lives in Alabama said he had something similar to what you described, this week also.

The kitty is cute napping on his water dish!

Have a great weekend.

Deb said...

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Deb said...

We used to get our sawdust from the mill down the road. They put in a new furnace and are burning it all. I don't blame them, I know prices are high for everyone. Just makes it harder to get for me :) Hope your nephew is feeling better.

Thanks :) We are still waiting for blood work to come back but seems it was simply a virus. Both are starting to feel a little better, finally :)

Thanks very much :) They are definately improving albeit slowly...
Wow - that's a lot of gravel. We need a couple of loads in our driveway. Hopefully we can get it before snow gets here! Just not enough time to do everything.

Thanks so much. Both are mending and anxious to be up and about again. I hope you are all well :)

Thanks - your right. H1N1 was,of course, my first thought. None of us have had the vaccine because it hasn't arrived in Maine yet. Not sure now if we should or not. No one really knows what to do.

Thanks - I was certainly relieved! Glad it hasn't hit your area yet. Several elementary schools have closed nearby because of it although none of Tyler's schools.
So far I feel ok - don't have time to be sick!

Your busy as always :) Hope your oldest is feeling better. What a wierd virus. I'm hearing of more people having it now that my boys do. Hope it goes away as fast as it showed up!
Have a great weekend.

I may just do that. NEver been to a blog party before :)

Snappy Di said...

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