Monday, October 26, 2009

Family fall fun........

Indian summer has arrived in the North East. The last two days have been glorious and the rest of the week is supposed to be nice as well. Although we are busy preparing for mother nature's deep freeze, we did get the chance to enjoy some family time in the woods this past weekend. Our foliage has passed peak color but the beech leaves are still a beautiful yellow and the oaks a dark red. The woods smell so fresh and sweet. We saw several buck rubs and lots of deer sign. Pheasant and partridge are both plentiful as well as the smaller woodland birds.

Deer hunting season begins here next Saturday and our freedom to roam the woods will be limited to Sundays as hunting is not allowed on that day in Maine. The guys have been preparing for the upcoming season eagerly. It's a favorite time of year. Tyler recently completed his hunter/safety course and has his junior hunting license this year and will accompany Steve and Dave on opening day.
This was a gift to Steve a couple of years ago and this is his first season to use it. It took the effort of all of us to put it up in the tree! It's a huge tree stand. Very cushy and comfy for them on opening day. That and the fact it took hours to find just the PERFECT tree to put it in. Talk about fussy :) It really was a fun day.
~Good luck to all the hunters out there - be safe ~


Sue said...

You're lucky to have Sundays to roam the woods during hunting season. We have to stay out of the woods, at the best time of year.

But, I wish them luck in filling their freezers.

threecollie said...

Sounds like the boys are feeling better and I am so glad to hear it. Hunting season has the same dichotomy here as well. Glad for the chance to hunt, not so comfortable with the risky woods.

Deb said...

my son has been bow hunting already this year, but hasn't got one yet....beautiful photo...

Gayle said...

The mention of the Junior license was interesting. Here (Alaska) kids don't get hunting licenses. They aren't required until 16 and then they are the same as an adult will get. We are not required to take hunting courses either, but they are available. And no Sunday hunting. Interesting. Good luck. What a treat to sit still in a deer stand for hours.

Deb said...

We are lucky to have Sundays. We still wear our orange, hoping we don't run into anyone that shouldn't be out there!

The boys are feeling better, thanks. Still sore joints -it was such a wierd virus.
Being in the woods is definately risky anymore! Good luck to your hunters.

Good luck to your son - I love to watch the archers; it's a talent for sure.

Ty is 15 so a jr license is required. Absolutely no one can get a hunting license here without a hunter/safety course unless they can prove they have had a license in another state.
They usually only stay in the tree stand a couple of hours early morning and late evening. Steve likes to walk and setting gets cold! Not like your temps but cold all the same. Being Ty's first year - not sure how long he can set still!

DayPhoto said...

Good luck with the hunt'n!