Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~ Wordless Wednesday ~


Amy said...

Oh, to just spend one day around your lovely would be heaven on earth.

You are blessed!


lisa said...

Look at all those adorable faces! Hope you are doing well!

simplefarmgirl said...

such smiling faces, what a wonderful life

Taylor said...

This is a particular "squeeee!"-worthy post. Look at all those adorable faces. Swoon!

DayPhoto said...

Faces!!! I love all of these delightful faces!


Shane said...

Everyone looks so happy! Otis is getting so grown up! So handsome!

Sunny said...

What wonderful faces. Is there anything sweeter than a spring lamb?
Sunny :)

Doris said...

What beautiful pictures and so cute babies.

Deb said...

you are welcome to come and spend the day anytime and your right, I am very blessed :)

All is well here now that tax time is over...hope we can get together for a vist this year!

Your right - it is a wonderful life!

I agree - I never tire of all those adorable faces :) Thanks so much for visiting!

Sharing them is one of the best parts :)

Otis is as tall as Danny but not as filled out. He's learned well from Danny and is a great help on the farm.

Spring lambs are awesome as are spring goat babies and calves and ..... :)

Thank you :) I hope your sheep are doing fine and you are enjoying nice weather.

Country Girl said...

* gulp *

oh my sweet heavens. i love these!