Friday, April 23, 2010

Miss Charlotte, the pig

Miss Charlotte loves to have her belly rubbed and Tom is one of her favorite people. As you can see, he's very good to her and she would lay in that same position as long as he would. If she is standing up when we go in her house and she even thinks you might scratch her belly, she will flop down on one side or the other and wait :) She's very funny and as you can see, very pregnant.

Charlotte went out yesterday afternoon to stretch her legs. You can see she's making milk and ready to have those piglets. She's been working on her nest and wasn't interested in her breakfast this morning. There is mud in front of the cow gate and of course she found it. The cows weren't sure what to think of her! We didn't leave her out too long as she was huffing and puffing as it was. She's carrying a lot of extra weight and I didn't want her to get too stressed.

This is our first time having advised, we've made a space for the piglets to get under a heat lamp in fresh, clean shavings that Charlotte cannot get into. Sometimes mother pigs will lay on their babies and crush them without realizing it. This helps protect them and also keep them warm for the first couple of weeks.

Another exciting adventure on Tylerfarm! I'll post an update as she progresses.

Have a great day ~


threecollie said...

Looking forward to learning about new piggies from you. We have always bought our pigs to raise and have never had a sow, although the boss's dad kept sows and sold piggies.

SheepMama said...

Pigs are very intelligent. Miss Charlotte seems to be a special copy of this intelligent breed. ;-)

Becca's Dirt said...

That is so sweet. Never thought about rubbing a pigs belly. So funny. Can't wait to see the little guys.

kristi said...

She is quite large! Pork is truly my favorite meat but I just know I could never raise one for that reason:( I can't wait to see those little piggies!

Linda said...

Oh! Do you have a Pig Cam set up? Can't wait to see the cuties!

Gayle said...

She sure is a beauty. It will be fun to see how many piglets she has.

DayPhoto said...

It's been a long time since I've been around baby pigs. Seeing the posts will be delightful!


thecrazysheeplady said...

Oooh - I can't wait!!!

Laura said...

My pig, whose name is also Charlotte (we are so original lol) just had her first litter, pigs are usually excellent mothers and I have never had to make any special arrangements for them. Is your weather getting warmer? You probably do not need a heat lamp. I have had two pigs who had litters and neither ever laid on thier babies. They are the cutest things you have ever seen. See my blog for the pic of my Charlottes piglets born last Wednesday.

lisa said...

Now she is a good size momma! We are getting our piglets sometime in june. You have a good day.

Deb said...

This is a first for us as well so we will all learn together :)

Yes - she is very smart and knows how to get her own way :)

Becca's dirt,
She will truly do most anything to get her belly rubbed!

She's huge!! We will try very hard not to get attached to her babies...very hard :)

No pig cam - we are just out there constantly checking her so we don't miss a thing!

I am so excited I can't hardly contain myself :)

I hope birth is as easier for her as everyone says it will be....she's a great pig.

me either ;)

Congrats on on your baby pigs :) They are adorable. Your Charlotte appears to be an awesome Momma pig. I hope our Charlotte does as well. Our night temps are still cool so will probably use the heat lamp for a bit for them.

I've always bought piglets so this will be a nice change to have our own.
Have a great weekend ~

Shula said...

Piglets will be very cute I can't wait to see pictures. I loved the one of her getting her belly scratched, that was cute.