Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring lambs ~

It has been brought to my attention that I did not introduce the lambies that are in our new header photo. Ooops.......

It's been a fantastic lambing season for us and lambing has concluded for this year. Twenty one lambs....10 ewes and 11 rams, no loss of ewes or lambs. We have a new ewe that came to live here a couple of weeks ago that may lamb at the end of the month. Of course, all are adorable and I want to keep them all at this point. As time goes by, I will have to make some tough choices as I have 55 sheep! Yikes - funny how they add up so quickly at lambing time :)

We initially were going to use the Greek/Roman God theme but everyone decided it didn't suit us. We then decided to use the first letter of each ewe's name.


Pennyroyals twins: Peggy and Patsy (1/2 shetland / 1/2 finn)

Daphne's twins: Dillon & Dalton (1/2 shetland/ 1/2 finn)
Pheobe's twins: Paige & Parson (3/4 Finn/1/4 Coop)
Wrens twins: Wallace & Winnie (3/4 Finn 1/4 Coop)
Bella's single: Bridget (Coopworth/Finn)

We had two sets of ram lambs born in the last two days. Coopworth/Finn and Shetland /Finn. They are still in the jugs and I haven't taken photos yet. Chammomille is still the maternity ward with her quads. Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous day - they will all go out in the sunshine tomorrow and we will clean out the jugs for another year.

Enjoy! Anyone want to buy a lamb?

ps.....in the header photo is Parson, Wallace & Winnie.


lisa said...

You are going to be one busy lady! I love them all but I like Parson's markings! So cute. Bet you are glad that lambing is done. You take care!

Shula said...

Very cute. I do love the all white lambs. Sounds like a lot of fun with all those lambs.

kristi said...

Okay, much better;) I think Winnie loves me! If I can get my numbers down.......

simplefarmgirl said...

All the babies are precious. I especially love the black and white ones. No babies here this yr, except I did get 4 new mini rex bunnies yesterday which are only 8 weeks old and another bigger lady, who is just a friendly bugger. You'll have to let me know when a good time to come visit all your babies, I would love to buy a lamb. I am looking to have a small petting farm here when I get the farm stand here open. Nothing as elborate as yours, but the kids will like it. Have a great day

DayPhoto said...

Oh! They are just precious!


thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm glad you aren't closer. I'd love a Finn cross ;-). What cuties!!!

Deb said...

Yep :) It's a good busy....Parson seems to be everyone's favorite...he sure stands out in a crowd! I am glad all the lambs are here and healthy but I miss the "any new babies" check first thing in the morning :) You have a great weekend.

The lambs are fun especially now that they are all outside and I can set with them. They are such curious little creatures :)

I'm sure Winnie would love you to pieces :)

Congrats on your new bunnies :) We have just one, Charlie. He is our shop mascot.
Would love to have you visit. We are always home on weekends. The shop is open on Fridays/Saturdays. Just give us a call ahead of time.

Thanks :) They are tons of fun!

Being closer would be a good thing... The finn crosses grow very well and produce beautiful fiber. We could make a trade :)

Sunny said...

I totally love sheep and lambs. Many years ago I raised them, now I photograph them.
You can't help but smile looking at these dear little creatures.
Sunny :)

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