Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mother nature's bounty........

..........and sweet corn! Gardening has been such a struggle for so many areas of the country this year. We have dealt with our share of issues but in spite of them all, Mother Nature never fails to provide us with wonderful, fresh vegetables. The farm stand will be full of goodness today. If our customers stay home because it's raining AGAIN, I'll be canning and freezing tomorrow :)
Life is good!


Bush Babe said...

Fabulous... you are obviously less amazed that yours lives than I am. Clearly a green thumb!!!!

threecollie said...

Looks wonderful!

Callie said...

I love the sunflowers. Wish I could visit your farm stand.

Adkins Family farm said...

That's some good looking produce. Hey if you do have customers or you don't; it's a win win situation.

Deb said...

Bush Babe,
I don't take anything for granted!! You never know how things are going to grow around here until the harvest is over. I think it's more the variety of manure than the green thumb :)

thanks :)

I'm with you - I love sunflowers also. I grow so many of them just so I can see them wave in the sunshine. I wish you could visit as well!

Adkins Family farm,
Thank you :) A Nor'Easter blew through here today - wasn't a good day for customers. Tomorrow I put up great produce to eat through the winter. Your right - I'm in a no lose situation :)

Sue said...

Deb, you're harvest looks so wonderful. I'm sitting here STARVING waiting for hubby to wake up so we can have breakfast. This photo is NOT helping!
And your sunflowers are so pretty.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

yeah, can up what ya got. We've been having a lot of rain too, our construction can't get finished.

DayPhoto said...

I really enjoy going out to the garden for fresh things to eat and to cook with. I dread when it all ends.

But that is what canning is for, right?


DayPhoto said...

Beautiful! I've been working with my tomatoes, finally. But fall is in the air, any day now we will see a killing frost!


Egghead said...

Looks great. Our tomatoes just are not doing what we want this year. Seem to be quite behind everyone elses. Darn.

Shula said...

I saw a yummy looking recipe for tomato and corn pie that I want to try. Our tomato crop was pretty good for the cherry tomatoes. Your sunflowers look very pretty, I might try and grow those next year. Are they easy to grow? I'm useless with plants.