Monday, August 3, 2009

Dog days of summer on the farm......

Summer has arrived in Maine ~ it's hot and humid and a busy time of year! Our gardens demand much of our time right now, especially keeping up with the weeds. All of my fiber has been processed and returned and the dye pots are busy. We are haying when we can. Farmer's are making hay every chance they get although not often enough with the abundance of rain we have had. No chance of drought this year. These round bales we put in weigh about 1100 lbs. I'm so lucky to have a neighbor that I hay with. He has the truck and trailer and I am fortunate to have several hay contacts around the state. It's works well for both of us. We don't' have enough in for the winter yet but we are working on it. Thankfully the grass in the pastures is regrowing quickly with the heat and moisture and we aren't over stressing the new ground so far. Our lambs and calves are fat and sassy and doing well and we are grateful for that.

Summer also means winter preparation. Our hardwood grove is too wet to get at this year. We don't mind - we have a good source for wood and we will save ours until our source isn't available. Five cord was delivered and will continue to season before we stack it in the shed in the late fall. I love to store nuts for winter - it's very reassuring for me to know I don't have to worry about heat for the winter.

Our gardens are thriving and we have a great assortment of fresh vegetables for our farm stand. This photo was from 8/1. Canning has begun as green beans and broccoli need to be harvested every few days. We are re-planting greens and fall crops as well as turnip and a few other things. Cukes are ripening and tomatoes as well. I love being in the farm stand. It's been so much fun meeting our neighbors and the summer folks who spend time at the lake nearby.

This is the little petting zoo that we have at the front entrance. We have added three new Finn sheep to our flock. The ewe, Dizzy and her twin lambs, Rose and Thorn. They are as sweet as can be and a wonderful addition to the farm. They loved being the center of attention in the petting zoo this past weekend and the animal cracker treats weren't bad either :) We require that anyone wanting to pet the animals use an antibacterial hand-wash before and after. No one minds and it's much safer for our animals. Charlie the rabbit is part of the petting zoo as well as guinea Keats, baby ducks and Danny dog.

Ty and I did get to take a short trip with Steve to see the latest project he is working on for his company. This was the view on the way home. Not bad hey? The Atlantic at sunset. I could get used to that!

I hope everyone is enjoying "summer" where you are.
Welcome to the new blog readers - I'll be visiting your blogs as soon as I can. I love meeting new people and appreciate every one's comments.
Have a great day!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Oh I know the petting zoo is a big attraction. Everything looks great around your place Deb.

ga.farmwoman said...

I love the header picture of Mama chicken and her guineas she hatched!

The hay is a something we thought we would be cutting around now, but it was a long hot dry spell here. But...we had a wonderful thundershower yesterday that brought 1 3/4 inches. more than we have seen in a long time.

The petting zoo is a great idea. I know everyone loves seeing the animals.

I am so happy that things are going so well for you all on your farm and understand how much hard work you put into it.
Good luck on it all.
Have a great day.

lisa said...

We are having to hound our wood quy!! WE have to get the logs then we saw and split and we need quite alot for this winter and have heard nothing from him as of yet!! I finally put up our first quarts of cauliflower yesterday and beets are fast approaching along with everything else!!! Seems like everything comes all at once!!

Christy said...

No one here got a second cutting of hay. Not enough rain. I'm glad you all are getting lots of hay.

kristi said...

I so miss your posts but I so understand being busy! The new header picture is too cute:) Everything looks wonderful Deb! You are so blessed to live and have what you have!! I am just going to have to stop by that farmstand one day:)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Your farm stand offerings look great! We don't have all the hay we need in the barn yet, either, and NO wood acquired yet. This squirrel is getting a little impatient!

Nancy K. said...

Your header photo is just WAY TOO CUTE!!!

You have got to have the best farm stand in the state and the petting zoo is just the perfect touch. Good for you, Deb!!!

Sue said...

You certainly have found your "niche" in life. You obviously love what you do and it shows. Everything looks so nice.

Bush Babe said...

Hey - our broccoli is at the same stage... how freaky is THAT??

Must blog it sometime...

Candy Duell said...

Yep! you sure have been busy! The petting zoo sounds like a great hit, and the farm stand looks wonderful.

I love the picture of the chicken and her guineas :):)

Your pictures are wonderful, as always I enjoy your posts.

Gayle said...

After all your hard work I am so glad the farm stand worked out.

DayPhoto said...

This was lots of fun! Your hay looks good. Nice and fat and heavy. Is it all grass or do you have a grass mix? At first I thought it was all grass, but on second look is it alfalfa?


Erica said...

Oh the little petting zoo is a great addition! My kids would adore that :) All those fresh veggies look GREAT!