Saturday, August 15, 2009

HH & H...........

Hazy, Hot & Humid. Traditional New England summer weather. Lord knows I'll be glad when it's gone. I love the benefits this kind of weather brings but I feel like a wrung out dish rag all the time. And sleep, what's that? I shouldn't complain but I'd love a good nights sleep :) Ok - whining over......

Day to day farming keeps us busy. Repairing fence lines, putting up new, bush hogging meadows, building repairs; typical farm chores that need to be done this time of year. Aside from my farm work I've had my dye pots going and I have dyed a size able amount of Symphony yarn, our new line of pygora/merino blend. This was a natural gray color and I'm over dying it.

I should finish that up this week and will start on the Finn yarn next. I have alot of work to do to get ready for the Common Ground Fair the end of September.
The gardens are thriving and fresh vegetables are plentiful. The corn is almost ready. Tomatoes are slow to ripen but everything else has done well. I'm hoping to can green beans and to put up everlasting coleslaw this week if nothing else comes up at the last minute such as putting in more hay. That has held me up twice now but the hay is most important. The upstairs of the barn is 3/4 full and I'm starting to feel more confident about the winter feed situation.

Although we are in a classic summer weather pattern, sure signs that fall isn't that far away are appearing. The swamp maple leaves are starting to turn their beautiful yellows/orange and red. I have had three flocks of Canadian Geese here in the past week. One landed in the pasture the other morning about 6 am. I went out with my camera to try for a few photos and enjoying the coolness of the morning. As they were relaxing before continuing on their journey, my flock of guineas came running across the pasture and scattered that entire flock of geese. It was a comical sight for sure. These large geese were hopping and flying and honking. Obviously they had never seen a gaggle of very territorial, cranky guinea hens first thing in the morning.
The geese stayed about an hour and then were on their way. They were a beautiful sight. None of the cattle or the donkey were bothered by them and they weren't bothered by the animals or of me out their amongst them with my camera.

I've also started spotting crickets around and have been told by several "old timers" that is a sure sign of change in the season. I love the fall in New England. We enjoy gorgeous foliage and beautiful temperatures.
I hope your all having a great summer!


Sue said...

I just love the photos of your truly have a peace of heaven there (well, except for the hot, humid part-ugh!)

lisa said...

Hello, boy, have you been busy!! I only have a few animals to worry about! I love your place also! Get some sleep (this winter?). The dying job looks good. Someday it will be neat to feel your fibers. I know what merino wool feels like but not the rest. I use mostly cotton and wool for my weaving projects. I will venture to other things as I get used to weaving with the cotton and so on. Take care!

Shelby said...

your photos really capture my imagination of the magic of the country.. reminds me of home in mississippi.

take care :)

Gayle said...

Do your chickens run as the guineas do? Do you have problems with dogs, etc. killing them? Would be curious to have a tour of your pens, fences, etc. It all is so beautiful at your place. (and you are always so busy!!).