Thursday, February 26, 2009

~ The Storm..........

Believe me when I say that anything that we have seen recently that might indicate spring would be arriving early in Maine was definitely an illusion..........This was what we awoke to very early Monday morning.This storm started as rain Sunday afternoon. The weatherman kept saying rain at the coast, snow inland. We are about 35 miles inland so we thought we were going to get off easy. Doesn't pay to think when it comes to Nor'easters. By 9:30 Sunday evening there was three inches of heavy wet snow on the wires and the power was out.
The snow was so wet and heavy, the it coated everything almost immediately. By 5 am Monday morning we had between 18 and 20 inches of new snow. Thankfully we have wood stoves and a generator. I kept the wood stove going all night Sunday to keep the house warm and use kerosene lamps for light.
Before I could think of moving any of it, I had to wade through it to get to the tractor and dig it out of the snow.
Everything was covered with snow and it seemed like a long ways to get to the barn from the house this morning!

Making my way around with the snow blower. The three boys shoveled all day. I spent 7 hours in the tractor moving snow. Please remind me why I love living here so much?! Honestly, it's always work but we always have so much to be grateful for. We have a generator. We have a home with two wood stoves. My entire family was here for three days, safe and sound. After three days, our power came back on. Tyler was sooooooooo happy - he really missed his PlayStation. Truthfully, I missed my computer and my blog friends!

I'm glad to be back on-line. I'll have more photos tomorrow.


kristi said...

Good grief!! What a storm! We had a storm like that the first week of April a few years back. It just makes it so depressing esp. knowing April is coming real soon. It sounds like you guys are well prepared for this "junk"! Can't wait to see your babies soon:)

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I know it was a pain in the you know what but it sure is beautiful. Love the pictures!

Gayle said...

I feel like a completely jerk complaining about the snow we got the other day. First of all it is light and fluffy, and secondly, there wasn't that much of it! I have it a lot easier than you do right now! The photos are breath-taking, but as an animal owner I know how much more work it made for you. I hope Spring comes soon.

Country Whispers said...

Stop on over. I've got something for you!