Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~Red sky in the morning.........

6:00 a.m. Tuesday 2/10/08

This is the sky that greeted us as the sun rose this morning. As beautiful as it is, it is definitely an indication of the nasty precipitation coming in this afternoon. No surprise there - we get a couple of really nice days and then mother nature dumps some junk on us. They are predicting freezing rain for the commute home. I will feel better when everyone is where they need to be.

I finally got the pantry re-arranged and am now ready to start stocking up my bulk buckets that will fit across the bottom row. I will use the buckets for 25lbs of flour, sugar, salt, and rice in plastic bags stored inside. I can add buckets as I need them.

I have two additional shelves above the two in the photo and the pantry is actually 12 feet wide. It should hold six months worth of food and paper goods. Our Shaw's market has great sales on Monday's and I've been taking advantage of those as well when I can get there. The 10 for $10 for boxes of pasta and canned goods is the worth the trip. Yesterday cereal was 50% off each box. A good sale :)

In the meantime, I'm working on garden layout and getting ready to go buy my garden seeds. I'm so anxious to see dirt. It will be awhile with all this snow but I know it's down there somewhere. Where do you all get your garden seeds?


Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful Sunrise! We have rain today to melt some of our snow, but it will be really icy when it gets cold later today.
That is a great looking pantry! :)

Country Whispers said...

I had the same question this year & I got several responses from other bloggers. I ended up ordering mine from Heirloom Acres Seeds.

Kara said...

FEDCO is where I get my seeds. Their catalog is good reading even if you don't order from them. Those of you who have seen one of their catalogs know exactly what I mean!

kristi said...

Okay, here is my list of catalogs I got: Totally Tomatoes,Wood Prairie Farm, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Seed Savers Exchange, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, & R.H. Shumways. I am still reading however. All are just great catalogs. Beautiful sunrise photos!!

Christy said...

I order from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I know they have no relationship with Monsanto, many of the other seed companies can't say the same.

I love your pantry!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

talking about seeds, I read the other day that the bees may be dying from the chemically-altered/hybrid seeds, thought it was an interesting theory.

Love the large pantry. I can't believe he prices at the store on Mondays, awesome.

seeds - I like SandhillPreservation

ga.farmwoman said...

What a pretty picture with the sunrise!
I really like your idea of the 5 gallon buckets for your sugar, etc.
We get most of our seeds from a local feed and seed store. Last year we spent $32. on all the seeds for the garden. That was peas, beans,corn, butterbeans, butterpeas, okra, cucumber, squash, greens, tomato plants.
The most money we spent was having to buy gas for the pump to water the garden through the drought. It was worth it though. We still have lots of vegetables in the freezer and jars.
I'm with you, I am ready to dig in some dirt!
Have a great day.

Deborah said...

This year, I'm getting my seeds from www.heirloomseeds.com They've always had good germination rates in the past, and all of their seeds are non-GMO. We got soldier beans from them seven years ago and have been saving our own ever since.

Love your pantry. I need to get mine organized!

DayPhoto said...

I'm ordering from John Scheepers. I hope they are NOT connected to Mosano.

Love the sunrise!


Gayle said...

The pantry is awesome. I would love to have it! Wow, I read the other seed comments and guess I should do more research (I don't even know what Monsanto is??). I just get my seeds at Fred Meyer. Hmmm....

Gayle said...

So I read up on Monsanto and am speechless....

Deb said...

far side of fifty,
Thank you :) Be careful on that ice.

country whispers,
I hadn't heard of them - will look them up :)

Fedco is a great place - they are about 2 hours north of us. We drove up one spring to pick up seed. It was a mad house up there!

Wow - that's some reading pile. Johnny's has a beautiful catalog as well and are one of my favorites as well as Pine Tree Garden seeds if you need more offerings :)

Thanks :) I'm slowly getting the pantry the way I'd like it to stay.
Monsanto is so clever about disguising their relationship with other companies. They are very sneaky. It pays to check on the companies we are interested in for sure.

Unfortunately I've read the same thing. We have two hives and we make sure we use nothing that could harm them at all. They have a flight radius of about 1 1/2 miles. Thankfully I know most of the people that garden around here and hopefully our bees will thrive.
I hadn't heard of Sand Hill Preservation - I'll check them out.

It's great to have a local supplier for your seed. I love going to the seed company and using the dippers to weigh out how much seed I need.
I remember the drought you all suffered last year but your vegetables did wonderful. I can imagine what your pantry looks like!
It's been very warm the last two days and I can see bare spots of soil....you will be able to get in the dirt long before me but spring will come!

Heirloom seed is on my "to read" list. I love the idea of saving seeds. I have done little of it but am learning each year. I also love soldier beans :)

Thank you :) I couldn't believe the colors in that sky....
Is John Scheepers a local seed company?

Thank you :)
Monsanto - their practices leave most people speechless!

Thank you all for your great comments! Happy seed shopping :)

Egghead said...

We have a local supplier here that does a great job for this area. We buy some seeds and some starts. They do well every year. I do admit we buy a few seeds from Gurneys seed catalog as well but they don't always do as good.