Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fiber dreams............

With the weather a little milder the last couple of days, we have been able to work on a few outside projects that need to be done before kidding begins in March. The Mama goats have been moved into their "mama" pen where I know they will get all the food, minerals and water they need without fighting a crowd. They have a cushy straw bed and a comfy, warm place to deliver their babies. All three does are quite plump and I wouldn't be surprised if they each had twins, if not triplets. Can't wait to snuggle those sweet goat babies!

Ribbon with her babies last March

While I'm outside, I'm daydreaming of all this fiber I have and all the things I would like to create with it :) I'm sending a 50/50 blend of white pygora - merino and a 50/50 blend of variegated gray pygora/merino out to Oasis Farm to be machine spun. I know it will be lovely and I have a shawl all picked out for some of it, the rest will be offered for sale. I also have raw wool upstairs from our fall clip that I need to skirt and get to the processor as well. We will be shearing again before we know it :)

In the meantime, I have this beautiful gray 2ply yarn from our sheep, Freida that I'm itching to do something with. My plan in my mind is to over dye some of it a deep cranberry color and then use both the cranberry and the gray to weave a shawl on my rigid heddle loom. My adopted daughter, Shane, is planning to make a sweater out of some of it. She's a fabulous knitter and her creations are just stunning.

Gray yarn from Freida

This rigid heddle loom is similar to mine but was a free photo from the web. I love this loom. Mine is made by Ashford, the maker of both of my spinning wheels. It's very portable. It sits in front of my chair in the evenings or I can set with it in front of the dining room window in the sun during the day. That's the best place to weave for me. The natural light is perfect. Weaving on this loom is very relaxing....I only wish I could do more of it.

I finished a baby hat with some handpainted finn wool in pinks/purples and have started the toddler socks to go with it. Great evening projects. I've been working on a pair of mittens and ran out of commercial yarn. I re-ordered and it arrived yesterday. Now I will finish the mittens and give them to the intended recipient.

So much fiber, so many possibilities. Now to find the time to do it all !!


Candy Duell said...

I cant wait for the babies to start coming, please post lots of pictures. If I may ask, what is the difference between Pygora and Angora goats with the fiber? Is there a big difference?

Christy said...

That is beautiful yarn! I'm becoming a bit of a fiber junky I'm afraid.

Christy said...
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Throwback at Trapper Creek said...


Egghead said...

Those babies are adorable. I am anxious to see this years little sweethearts. The yarn is beautiful and you are so crafty.

JK said...

Beautiful fiber!
What type and color of buck was Ribbon bred to last year to produce those sweet twins! And black at that!
I am new to your blog but love it!

Leenie said...

really enjoyed the post

DayPhoto said...

It is just so much fun to come here and see what new things are happening.

That fiber is cool, I am just learning about fiber from my blogging friends, and I find it very interesting.


Claire said...

Ah, your spinning wheels are Ashford? Is one of them a traditional? It's just that, I got my first wheel yesterday, second hand, from Craig's List, shipped to me in Iowa from the seller in San Francisco. It's assembled, and it's spinning the wool (I mean it's putting in the twist) but I can't seem to get any draw. Is the bobbin supposed to be spinning as fast as the flyer is? Any thoughts? If you want, instead of boring all the readers with wheel blather, you could email me at patentgarden AT gmail DOT com.

Deb said...

I find the pygora fiber to be softer than that from the angora. You get the soft, downy presence from the pygmy goat as well as the crimpy curl from the angora when you raise a pygora. It's pretty nice stuff :)

Thank you :) Being a fiber junky is a good thing!

Thank you :)

I'll be sure to post baby photos - it won't be long now.

Welcome - thanks for visiting. Ribbon was bred to a caramel angora buck. Her Mom a pygmy who was black with white points. I never expected babies this color!

Thanks :)

Thank you :) Fiber become very addicting!

Hope you got your wheel straightened out -