Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sweet smells of summer......

The wonderful scent of lilac has permeated my entire house and I absolutey love it. My house hasn't smelled so good since our fresh balsam christmas tree. I've spent a fair amount of time inside today, doing bookwork and trying to catch up on housework. I don't really mind doing either but it's a sunny day and I would rather be outside :)

This beautiful bouquet was a gift from my neighbor. I would love to have a bouquet like this in my house all year long. The blooms go by so fast but I'm happy to enjoy them at least for a little while.


It's cool and windy today. Barney has spent most of the day inside on his sheepskin. Idid not plant a thing. The soil is still too cold and they are predicting yet another frost for tonight and possibly tomorrow night. Last year I didn't get my tomatoes in until the 15th of June because we had so many late frosts. Oh well - I really am trying to be patient.

Maybe this weekend.............

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threecollie said...

Lilacs, I just love them! Ours got frost bitten this year, but we had a few. And I hate staying in to do the books when it is nice out too....but I am also the bookkeeper. Oh, well.