Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bumps in the Road.........

We all have them............they show up when you least expect them. My Mom has been ill. She lives on the farm in an adorable little cabin. She's our rock. She's comes to the barn for evening chores and makes sure we do everthing right. She feeds the goats and sheep animal crackers. She is such an integral part of our family. We called 911 tuesday evening. She hadn't felt well all day. She's not a complainer. She's had two heart surgeries. She spent the week at Maine Med in the Cardiac unit. I'm very pleased to say her heart is fine. Further tests are needed but they suspect her gallbladder or acid reflux. WE are Grateful!!

Potted plants hanging on the barn (right side)

Potted Plant (left side of the barn)

We have been plugging along on spring projects. It's a tradition to hang beautiful potted plants on the front of the barn. Normally Mom and I shop together but this year she wasn't up to it. It wasn't the same but I did enjoy my day at the local Frugal Farmer nursery where I get my bedding plants and hanging pots. We managed to get a few more items in the gardens and spring clean up continues. Ferilizing and seeding grass pastures and cleaning out sheep sheds. We have even managed to get the rams sheared.

We've had very little rain and it's very dry again. We have been moving the sheep around, letting them eat the grass instead of mowing. Saves hay and keeps the dust down from running the mower.

Small flock mowing the grass

The lambs are growing rapidly. It's so much fun watching them jumping and running while their Mom's are enjoying the green grass. They are more daring now and leave the ewes for longer periods of time. Some are very friendly and come running when we go in the pasture. Folks have been coming to the farm to pick out the ones they want. It's always bittersweet when they go to their new homes but I'm always happy when I don't have so many to feed! We are all concerned about the price of hay this year due to the price of fuel. Normally our two large loads of square bales come from Canada. Not sure if that is going to happen or not. We feed lots of round bales as well and buy those locally so expect the price and availability will stay the same.

It's looking to be another beautiful day here - time to get busy!


threecollie said...

Hope your mother feels better real soon. Your photos are lovely!

nita said...

That's a worry when parents aren't well. How fortunate for you both that your mother is able to stay with you at the farm. Makes everyday important.

I like the flowers on the barn!