Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another school year comes to a close........

Life seems to get busier as the summer progresses. Our youngest, Tyler, has been a busy boy this past year and his schedule keeps me running :) He has participated on the Varsity Track & Field team, High School Band and Karate. That and high school homework, which there seems to be plenty of every night. He is looking forward to the end of homework but he will miss his team and the friends he has made over the year. I can actually remember (no, really I can :) when I was a freshman in high school and how important those friendships became in my life.

This photo was our trip to the last band concert. The students are required to wear white & black with tie to every performance. Tyler plays an assortment of drums, vibraphone, percussion instruments, bells, etc. They will be playing at the University of Southern Maine for the last Senior Assembly and also at the Portland Civic Center for Senior Gradation. He's really excited and looking forward to both evenings out. They performed in two great concerts at school for parents and fellow students. The Pops Concert was to raise money for equipment. It was wonderful to see a lot of participation by so many students in the audience, teachers, community, etc. We really had a great night out and the band and chorus are outstanding!

It has been a good year. We couldn't be more proud of Tyler and all that he has accomplished this year!

Tomorrow - shearing day for the will follow.


kristi said...

It is so much more rewarding to end the school year knowing that accomplishments were made and in 3 months one can start the new year on a positive note! Congrats to Tyler:)

threecollie said...

I always loved it when school ended for the summer...still do as far as that goes. Congratulations to him and to you for a job well done.

lisa said...

Very nice looking young man! Boy, summer sure does get busy! Congrats to him! The son still has a couple of weeks yet then he will be done for the summer. Take care.

Linda said...

Alpaca Shearing! I just got back from MI where I helped with an alpaca shear day! Lots of sweat & fluff & dirt and a whole lotta fun!

DayPhoto said...

It is such a joy to see our children grow up and to become the people we always knew they were going to be.

You have a very handsome and talented son, Deb!

Happy Summer!