Friday, June 4, 2010

Alpaca shearing; Fresh beef ~

The alpaca shearing was great! The shearer was a great guy. Pleasant, cordial and more than willing to teach me how to shear my alpacas. By afternoon I sheared a pleasant wether from start to finish. I felt very proud of myself. I have to admit I'm a little sore today. He shears them on a thick mat on the floor of the barn. There's quite a lot of crawling around. We all had a great time! Thanks so much Carol for the invitation and the goodies :) See you in July.

The bad news.........Not one of us remember to take a camera :( DUH..... Carol let us take photos with her blackberry and will email them when she can catch her breath. I'll be sure to post them soon.

Today I re-stocked the farm market freezers with 700 pounds of fresh beef. Just in time for our summer community that returned last weekend. Business is picking up and Friday's and Saturday's will be busy from now on. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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DayPhoto said...

I'm looking forward to the photos! Here's to a very busy summer at the shop!