Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wake up America.........

Warning: Disgusting meat post ahead..........

A friend of mine brought a New York Times article to my attention. I don't go digging around for this stuff. It sickens me - what we, the people, in this country don't know really WILL hurt us. I don't understand how major companies can get away with this type of blatant crap. I promise you, you will never look at a hamburger that you didn't raise or buy from someone you know ever again. We have got to start taking more control over what we eat.


DebH said...

Thank you..I really see that with company produced products. Money is the bottom line with that company. I being from SD was just not impressed with the fact that it based itself here. Ranchers are very proud of their beef they raise. I doubt very much if very many of them realize what actually can happen with the meat. Glad you posted that!!

dp said...

One more disgusting detail associated with industrial meat production. If I can't raise it or buy it from someone who does it right, I don't want to eat it. A friend of ours recently gave us some bones from a cow he had processed locally. This cow lived on our farm for several months. She was healthy. But, those bones reeked. We were going to make stock from them, but not with that smell. How much worse must it be in a commercial facility? I'll do it myself, thank you.

Thanks for sharing!

kristi said...

On a personal level I do not eat ground meat but regardless, that article needs to be sent home for all the parents of school age children. At my school, all the students get free federal lunches (another topic which I won't get started on due to lack of writing space). Some lunches have been "intesting" but now they are real interesting. I always wonder what the long term effect of all the additives/hormones/junk they place in food have on kids. BUT see the real issue is that too many individuals are caught up in the convience end of everything and the materialistic side so taking the time to read and care might be too much to ask. Okay, I'll be quiet now:)

Jinglebob said...


DayPhoto said...

I tried to write what I was feeling and thinking three times and finally setteled on writing nothing.

Ugly is the word.


Callie said...

I gave up eating processed food. Mainly because I was getting hives and migraines. I find If I just eat fresh veg, fruit, organic meat, etc., and stay away as much as possible from anything that comes in a package I am much better off. Thanks for the post.

Deb said...

I'm had no idea anything like this even existed....I'm sure many other people don't either. It's really very frightening.

Your welcome...I hate to discover this kind of info but really feel we are better off the more informed we are.

I agree with you - feel free to talk all you want! The first thing I wanted to do was call my son's school and find out if they use this garbage. It should be illegal as far as I'm concerned.

No need to be embarassed - I think we will find as we look into it that it comes from more than just one place and one state.

That's a good description - it is Ugly....sickening....and so many other things I know it makes us all feel.

I'm finding the same practice reduces the number of migraines I have. I really have to pay attention to what I eat but it's worth it - anything to go four or five days without a headache!