Monday, January 11, 2010

A quiet January

January is the month of purging and preparation. I spend a good portion of the month doing year end paperwork and taxes. I'm always glad when it's done and behind me. Once that's done, I can focus on more interesting plans.
It's been very cold and outdoor work other than chores and maintenance is limited. The animals adjust gradually as the months get colder and I'm pleased with the way all are doing.

Our does are woolly and showing their baby bumps. Kids are due in early March.
The ewes are adding a little weight and bellies are starting to get slightly rounder as lambing approaches the end of March. We do have one ewe that has me completely perplexed regarding her due date.
I brought this ewe home July 22nd. She was exposed to my ram October 28 and he was with the ewes until 12/30/09. She should be due at the earliest 3/18/10. She's bagged up and starting to get soft behind. If she was exposed to a ram before she left home, she would have lambed by now. I had no ram escapes that I'm aware of.......the ewes did have access to pasture where it was necessary for them to travel past the ram yard everyday. Not sure how they worked that out but something definitely happened :) I have a good idea lambs are immanent. I just hope it was the right ram.

Mr. & Mrs. Pig were outside this morning, getting their exercise. He's completely at home here and very easy to manage. He doesn't really want to be petted but he doesn't run away either.

They really liked running and playing in the snow. They would push their snouts in it and make a furrow for a few inches and then jump and run and play some more.

Charlotte will definitely miss him when it's time for him to go home. She can see the cows on the other side of the fence when she's outside as well as the rams so she's not really alone. I'll probably keep one of her litter so she's not alone once they are weaned.

......and these two obviously have the toughest jobs on the farm. Such a life!


threecollie said...

Amazing to see pigs playing in snow. That is really neat.

Gayle said...

Although you have lots of snow your temperatures must be fairly mild. Looks so sunny and pretty. I didn't realize pigs would play in the snow. Very cute.

lisa said...

Nice kitty, the lamb shot (behind) what a shot.

kristi said...

Don't you just love pregnancy surprises?:) I love the pig pics also! Can't wait to see those bouncing kids! Hope all is well....oh, and I hate to admit it but I might be more Martha than Maxine:)

Christy said...

Such pretty animals!

Kelly or Alex said...

Although it is quiet there is never a dull moment on the farm. Ewes just have to wait and see who the baby daddy is.
(sorry for the above comment. I do slide into the other realm sometimes. Just what that is I don't know.)

DayPhoto said...

Pigs are so like puppy dogs. I find them a joy and a wonder.

Thanks for sharing your animals with was a nice treat.


Anonymous said...

What sweet little friends all curled up in the chair. They certainly know how to live the good life.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Callie said...

I thought I left a comment here, but I don't see it. I love the photo of your cats and I hope the winter lambing will not be too hard on everyone.

Anonymous said...


Claire said...

Great post! It sure does look like you have some lambs coming very soon! I will be looking forward to pictures. Our Icelandics surprised me when they were due - they began to bag up about 1 month ahead, and their udders were tight too. I couldn't believe how long it took after that, but I was new to sheep. Now I wonder if my BFLs will be the same?

Anonymous said...

I need to be working on our tax papers too. I hope to start this week.
The ewe does look close to birthing. But I have had goats I thought was close and it would be several more weeks.
We hope to get a couple of pigs here soon. I do miss having them. It has been years since we had pigs. We used to raise them (around 250 free ranged)when the boys were young.
I just love the kitty cat picture. It looks like a magazine photo.

Have a great day.