Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~ Our Fairy tale weekend...........

As I said in my post on Friday, my DH had planned this exciting Anniversary celebration with the help of several people, our children included. He had told me we were going to do something special but I just assumed perhaps we would have dinner out, just the two of us. That's a rare occasion and I would have been happy with that :) On 3/24 he told me not to make any plans for Friday, Saturday & Sunday. No further info.........all day Wednesday as I went about my business I'm wondering, what is he up to? On 3/25 he told me I needed an overnight bag and two outfits of evening wear. YIKES! That's not much notice.......but I can do it :) I ran to the mall the next day and fought the crowds and actually found a lovely skirts and a pair of dress slacks. That took me most of the day - I hate to go shopping! Now I'm really curious - I drop a few hints around the house but no one is letting me in on anything. On 3/26 he tells me our youngest is staying at his friends house for the weekend and that we are going away. End of conversation. I'm really getting excited now.

On Friday I'm up at my usual time, ready to do morning chores. Surprise, he has the day off and oh, by the way - we are leaving at 11:30 a.m. Ok - I'll be ready! We leave on time and head for Portland. I'm still completely in the dark but I'm rather enjoying someone else making the decisions and I just have to go along for the ride. We end up at the Amtrak station. I've never ridden on the train - I was sooooo excited! The train heads south from Portland - at 11:30 the announcement is "all aboard for Boston"...........we are going to BOSTON!!!!! By this time I'm giddy - just like a little girl. What are we going to do in Boston I ask? You'll find out all in good time, he replies :)

We had a lovely train trip to Boston - approximately 2 hours. We arrive at North Station and Steve hails a cab. "94 Charles St." he says...........if you've never been in a cab in Boston, it's an experience in itself! In about 5 minutes we arrive at our first destination - The Charles St. Inn.

The Charles St. Inn is one of Boston's Premier Victorian Bed and Breakfast. It offers 9 spacious and elegant rooms in a renovated 1860 Victorian townhouse, located in the heart of Boston's historic Beacon Hill. If this style interests you, please click on the link, you will not be disappointed. This Inn is absolutely gorgeous. From the time you open the front doors, you feel swept back in time.

We stayed in the Isabella Stewart Gardner room. This lovely bouquet is the first thing I saw as Steve opened the door to our room. The card, which he purchased, signed and mailed to the Inn prior to our arrival, was waiting by the flowers. They are just beautiful and smell wonderful! Yes - by this time I'm in tears :) Our room was something little girls dream of.
~Such a beautiful bed. Yes, it's as soft and comfortable as it looks :)We enjoyed the fireplace in the evenings and enjoyed it in the mornings as they served breakfast in our room along with the paper.
This lovely alcove faced the main street. The beautiful yellow Lillie's smelled wonderful and the scent permeated the entire room.

This lovely painting was hanging in our room. We both chuckled as we looked at it, no matter where we go, we always find something that remind us of the farm :)

After a relaxing afternoon enjoying all the Victorian splendor, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Toscanos of Beacon Hill. This was not just a meal, this was a magical dining experience. The food, the wine, the waitstaff - everything about this business was top notch. It was a 3 hour meal and neither of us were bored. Stuffed for sure.....oh my, did we eat. Neither of us could finish our meal and much to our surprise, the Manager presented us each with an after dinner aperitif. A glass of fabulous cordial accompanied with fresh petite biscotti, on the house :)

A lovely walk back to the Inn and coffee in our room in front of the fireplace completed our Friday adventure. I have to tell you I was in awe.....my Husband, the romantic, who knew?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry.....Saturday's big event!


threecollie said...

Oh, Deb, what a guy! Hang on to him!
I love Boston...the only city I can even say like...

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm blown away just reading about it! Wow!

Jody Blue said...

What an unexpected blessing!!!

Country Whispers said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I can't even imagine my husband planning something big like that or my kids ever being able to keep quiet. How did he do that?

Leenie said...

What a wonderful surprise! Getting away with a genuine surprise that big is a real accomplishment. Congrats to DH. Jealous of your expedition.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Romance isn't dead after all! What a wonderful weekend. I think all of us are a bit jealous! I did get 4 goats for my anniversary.

Cathy M said...

You've got a keeper there. How nice that he planned the whole weekend.

Nancy K. said...

Boy, are you LOVED!!!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

My husband is thoughtful but he could NEVER come up with such a wonderful anniversary present. Can't wait to read Part 2.

Deb said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
I was so blown away - my Husband is a considerate, caring, loving guy all the time but romance? Who has time - we are all as busy as everyone else. His job keeps him on the move constantly. I don't know how he ever found time to arrange all of this but believe me, I know just how lucky and loved I am!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Milley, wanna do it again?

DayPhoto said...

Oh, Deb! I am so happy for you! What a wonderful happy surprise. And you braved shopping in the mall/city. Good for you!

I also like how you are just like the rest of us, and have to drag the camera along. Photos first! Smile please!

Wonderful for you!:)


Deb said...

You bet!! When do we leave?