Saturday, March 5, 2011

A post with no pictures ~

Happy March ~  I could almost believe that spring is on it's way if it wasn't for the 15 foot snowbanks and the -15 degree temperatures we have had this past week.  Today started out rainy/snowy and by afternoon the sun was shining and it was almost 50 degrees.  I took great advantage of this weather to do barn work, haul hay and anything that I haven't had a chance to do lately.  I have a great 9 to 5 but it does shorten my time on the farm.  

This is the first year in more than 10 that I have not had spring lambs.  Certainly doesn't feel right :)  I am slowly rebuilding my sheep herd and will be having lambs here next year.  We will be having a litter of baby rabbits and I purchased a new calf today.  He's only 4 days old so he will stay with his Mama for awhile longer before I bring him home.  

I have been teaching Adult Ed classes and the Raising Chickens class we incredible.  I had 12 people...mostly men.  Everyone is really starting to embrace the concept of where their food comes from.  These folks were so into it.  They asked tons of questions and I was so inspired when the class was over.  The next class at the end of the month is an Edible Landscaping class.  Teaching is so different when the people in your class are there because they truly want to be, not because they have to be.  

I hope all is well where you are.......I do read your blogs when time permits.  I'm starting to figure out how to manage my time between the farm and work.  It's getting better all the time!  

Next post I'll show you my new toy and how it became mine.  

Until next time,


threecollie said...

Thank you for the update. Your class sounds very rewarding and fun!

lisa said...

Glad to hear from you Deb, and when I get the chance to be on facebook, I love to see your comments. It feels funny to be going back to school because I want to and not because I have too and I have to agree it sure is going to a lot nicer to learn!

Anonymous said...

Spring will happen soon. - Bill

Gayle said...

You sure have a lot on your plate with a full-time job and a full-time farm. I hope Spring comes quick and gives you some added energy to tackle it all.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have found your blog. We are beginning chicken raisers. We just finished our coop out here in California and will get our first three hens this weekend.

Deb said...

Your really was fun :)

Congrats on going back to school. It is so different when it's your choice and no one is forcing you :O)

yep, I know your right but when we get another foot of snow, it's kind of hard to imagine spring :)

Thank you .....your plate is just as busy! Spring will make us all feel better :)

A. Edwards,
Glad you found us too :) If I can be of any help in your new chicken venture, please do not hesitate to ask! Best of luck!

Penny said...

Happy to hear your updates and to see you are moving ahead with farm plans. =)

Chris said...

I could have probably used a class on chickens before I got them. Hope all is well.

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Callie said...

Hope all is going well with you and your family.

Just like a Phoenix..... said...

Happened to come across your blog...Must say feels great to know what a teacher feels about students!

sam said...
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