Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mother nature is throwing her weight around lately ~

The only critters happy around here are the birds.  They never seem to mind when they have to brush the snow off their feeders before they can eat.  Some of us aren't so happy.  We received  another  sh*t load of snow yesterday and another storm heading our way for Saturday and then another on Tuesday.    It has been a true New England winter.  Now most of you know I really love the snow but I have spent more time in my tractor moving it than I have playing in it.  I have to snowblow paths for the sheep, it's deeper than they are!  I have yet to get to Mt Washington and enjoy a sleigh ride with my Dad.  I have got to change my ways :)

Danny seems to enjoy the snow more each year.  He's waiting for Otis to make his move so he can tackle him.  They are such fun to watch.  Like two little boys looking for mischief.

We retained a little ewe out of this group of quads last year.  Her name is Clary Berry and she is the tiniest little sheep.  She is slowly catching up with the other lambs born at the same time.  She was literally stuck in the snow.  Her legs are so tiny and she tried hopping through the snow.  One jump and she was sunk :)  She patiently stood there while I waded in to get her.  It was much easier for them to get out of the barn after plowing.

Other than a little whining going on, all is well here at the farm.  Today's brilliant sun shining on the clean snow went along way to improving my outlook for a day or two anyways :)

I start teaching my Adult Ed classes next week.  The first class is "Raising chickens in your backyard".  Who knew people would pay to take such a class? I am so excited.  I'm teaching four different classes this semester.  The people are there because they really want to be and we all have such a good time and the friendships that form are a blessing.

Wishing you all a happy weekend - see you next time.



Verde Farm said...

This would be perfect for linking up with Farm Friend Friday. I would love it if you would. It will be a great way to bring a lot of us farm folks together :)

Nancy K. said...

What a gorgeous picture of Danny! It really captures his playfulness. Is he an English Shepherd? What a pretty boy!

I'm thinking about checking into teaching some continuing education classes. How did you get signed up?

Gayle said...

How fun to teach something you know so well and enjoy...and to have students that want to be there. What a bonus! Good luck to you. I do not envy all the snow...

Rae said...

We don't get much snow where we live, but when it does snow, our dogs turn into puppies again. They get all squirrely and run until they drop! Great pic of Danny.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

It's wonderful you are teaching the classes, perfect person to do so.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I would LOVE to have all the snow, but I'd be bummed too if I didn't have time to really play in it. Tractor work is probably only fun the first time in the season...

threecollie said...

Thanks for the update, Deb, stay warm!

Deb said...

Verde Farm,
I'll be happy to join Farm Friend Friday. Thank you for asking. I'll spend some time this weekend figuring out how to do it :)


Thank you...yes, Danny & Otis are both English Shepherds.
I wasn't really thinking of doing adult ed classes until the Director called me several years ago recruiting. It's been great ever since.

It's sounds so odd to hear you say that about snow, I mean, you live in AK!! Hope things are going well for you. I think of you often.

I'd be very happy to send you some of ours ;)

Thank you :) So nice to see you here.

It's beautiful but tiresome at this time of year. Your right - the first time we have a big storm, it's fun to move it with the tractor. After that, no one fights over who is going to do it!

Thanks :) You stay warm as well!

Thank you all for leaving your comments. I enjoy them all and appreciate your taking the time to do so!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

What a sweet picture of those quads. Mum looks so small to have given birth to 4! Lucky Nickel was in the snow this week and it was taller than her legs, but she seemed to view that as a challenge and does her little leg kicking routine to get out again!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Absolutely love the picture of Danny!

Stay warm and good luck with your classes :)

Rain said...

Your sheep are beautiful-I love them-miss having mine. What kind are they-almost look Shetland or Icelandic. It must be so exciting to teach a class to people who want to learn about chickens-or any animals! I miss my Maine-but am enjoying my few weeks away in N.Carolina-and I guess I picked the right few weeks to visit my daughter and grandbaby!! Have a great week! Rain

DayPhoto said...

Pretty cool, Deb! Now you can add Instructor to your resume!


Anonymous said...

If you get this in time, please email me at or call me at 603 225-6745. I have some questions about the knit and spin event and would like to attend..Thank you, Diane

Admin said...

My dogs would love to run on your farm especially there still snow. Thanks!