Monday, September 7, 2009

Gone fishin'

We made plans to take Tyler fishing Sunday evening. Luckily we were able to pull it off and we had a great time. We picked up subs at Subway to take with us to eat at the pond. The evening was crisp and clear and very few people around which is always nice to have the pond to yourself :)
Steve helped Tyler get his pole all rigged up and Ty was ready to catch the big one!

Tyler is being very patient in this photo, just waiting for the fish to take his bait. He tried very hard not to get frustrated. The big fish just didn't seem to be biting last night. Lots of small fish around messing with his bobber but nothing he could really hook on his line. I had a line in as well. Nothing seemed to be near my pole at all until I picked up my camera and was looking away. Steve would speak to me and tell my bobber was underwater. I couldn't see it, my back was to the pole and I was looking at something through the view finder :) I was lucky enough to land a huge perch, much to my surprise!

Now that's a prize if I have ever seen one! Just kidding.....I'm an easy to please fisher woman- I'm just happy to catch something :)

We had a great time fishing and also saw some beautiful bird life. In the tree in the middle of the photo are three herons that decided to rest there for the night. We also saw two kingfishers. No photos - they were beautiful. We all enjoyed great family time. Hopefully we can do this again soon!


threecollie said...

Fishing is one of the best family activities there is. Nice perch there!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

We haven't been fishing years, would love to go again. Subway subs are pretty good.

Callie said...

Who got to clean it? That's the only part of fishing that I don't like. I think I am the kind of fisherperson who like to fish without a hook. hee, hee

lisa said...

We love to take out the boat and go fishing and lucky for us our son seems to always get the biggest fish of the day. I like it when you can do something together and have an area all to yourself! Take care. Glad you could take a day off!!

DayPhoto said...

I'm so glad you had a good fishing trip. You had on jackets so it must be cool.

Fall leaves are showing up everywhere here.


Gayle said...

I used to love to fish, but hadn't done it in years. After our weekend trip to Valdez I realize that was a relazing part of my life I was missing. I hope to do much more of it next summer. I'm so glad you got to get out and enjoy the lake.