Thursday, July 2, 2009

Soggy farming continues...........

The soggy weather continues here in the Northeast and the foggy view above has become what I expect to see when I get up instead of a bright sunrise. We are all suffering from sun deficiency but the end is in sight so they say - a little sun tomorrow, more sun Saturday and Sunday! The cows and sheep will all need to be fitted with sun glasses :)
In spite of the rain, our gardens are thriving and we are harvesting a few things for our table. The radishes are Delicious this year - tasty but not so hot they burn your tongue. Mesclun mix greens and lettuce, swiss chard and basil. Summer squash and zucchini have blossoms and the tomatoes have blossoms and little green tomatoes. Beans are starting to run and the sunflowers are heading towards the sky."Charlie"

This is Charlie. He is our new shop mascot. He's a mixed breed bunny and as sweet as can be. It's been awhile since we've had rabbits on the farm. The last breed I had were Angora rabbits for their fiber. They were beautiful and sweet bunnies but I just didn't have the time to care for them properly. Charlie loves to beheld and cuddled and I will enjoy his company as well as anyone who visits the farmstand. We will have a small petting zoo area for all the children that come to the farmstand. Tom will oversee that project and make sure our animals are treated nicely. We ask each person to use handwash before and after handling the animals. Most people really do not mind. The animals love the attention and the animal crackers ;)

Speaking of the farmstand, we will open for the season on Saturday, July 4. I have been desperately trying to get it ready inside and out but rain and lightening have certainly hampered our efforts. Dyed yarn just doesn't dry well when it's so damp. I had the wood stove going yesterday! I will try to post photos this afternoon when everything is finished. We are quite happy with the decor and the fact that we will have veggies to offer tomorrow.

  • ~Wishing you all a safe, Happy Fourth of July weekend!~


Sue said...

Charlie sure is cute.
Hope you'll be taking lots of pics on opening day.
And, I sure hope your weather clears.

Nancy K. said...

Just what your farmstand needs to make it perfect: a bunny mascot! The petting zoo is a great idea too. I suspect it's going to be a huge success!

kristi said...

Yes, this "summer" weather really needs to brighten up soon! Like you, my garden is actually doing well considering. I can't wait to see your finished farmstand! It is an inspiration for many:) Have a great holiday weekend!