Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gardening progress.....

The sun is shining :) It is sweet to feel the warmth from the sun and see the beautiful, brilliant clear blue sky. It rained for a week steady. Not always hard, driving rain but always raining. Our soil was dry and we did need rain but not inches and inches of it.

The gardens greatly benefited from the rain - almost everything we planted has germinated and emerged. Today we weeded the two front gardens. With the two or three days of sun that we are supposed to have before showers set in again, the gardens should thrive.

Linda from Life on a Colorado Farm sent me four varieties of Heirloom been seeds. As the photo shows, all the seed germinated and we anticipate a bumper crop of beans! Thank you Linda :)

Broccoli, cabbages, peppers and celery are all doing great. Unfortunately our potato experiment was not a success. As I posted earlier, we planted our potatoes in holes that we planned on filling in as the potato plant grew up through. Due to the all the rain and cold, damp weather, our seed potato rotted in the holes. Thankfully, we can start over so we will shallow till that area tomorrow and plant the potatoes in our regular trenches this time and pray for better luck. We also staggered our planting of some crops and it's time to re-plant a few more things such as green beans and cucumber.

Hope all your gardens are flourishing - thanks for stopping to visit with us at Tylerfarm :)


Leenie said...

Same weather here. Same problems with potatoes, but on a grand scale. The farmers are fit to be tied and praying for sun. Your garden looks great! Your hard work as paid off.

Sue said...

Hi Deb
Sorry about your potatoes. You never know what the weather will be. I had almost 100% germination on my potatoes using the hole method, but we are dry as toast here. Last year, we had rain, and they rotted. It's what keeps gardening interesting-the challenges!

threecollie said...

Shame about your potatoes. We lost a lot of squash and beans to a May 30 frost. The rest of your garden looks spectacular. Easy to see how very hard you folks work!

Heather said...

wow, it looks so beautiful there!~ What an amazing garden!~

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

looks good around there. nice to get those heirloom seeds.

kentuckyagrarianwannabe said...

Everything looks great, we have had the same problem in Kentucky with the rain, hard to keep the weeds down with so much.


Carolina Trekker said...

Wow. now that is a garden. It will be fun to watch it take off this summer. Ours is 4x8, so you can understand my excitement over seeing yours. Awesome!

DayPhoto said...

Your garden is just lovely. I am having a bit of deer problem in mine.

Good luck with the beans, I enjoyed seeing them up!


Deb said...

I really feed bad for the big scale farmers who are dealing with such losses. We can replant but it's not always an option for the bigger farms.

Your right :) You just never know from one year to the other what's going to happen - we hope for the best and try to do better next year :)

Sorry about your loss to the frost. You never know in the northeast how late we can safely plant and not get hit with frost....

Thank you :) Thanks for visiting -

I was wonderful to try the heirloom seeds. I'll be sure to save some so I can pass them on :)

The rain seems to be overwhelming many regions right now - we've had sun for two days and have spent the time battling the weeds, hoping to get it done before it rains again!

Carolina Trekker,
Thank you :) Even a garden 4x8 makes a big difference. Thanks so much for visiting :)

Hope you can get the deer to stay out of your garden! We've been watching a big doe down beyond the pature - hope she stays down there!