Monday, November 24, 2008

The Hunt...........

Tyler's first hunt - 2008
For the first time this year Steve had a chance to get into the woods. Dave has been out several times but the deer are scarce here this year and he has seen little sign. It was a hard winter. The snow was deep, the temps were very cold and the coyotes were abundant.
This was Tyler's first hunt. They hunted our own land on saturday and he was about as excited as a boy can get! They were out about three hours and Steve said he did very well. Of course, at every corner he heard a deer lol...but he contained himself and his excitement :)
Dave did shoot a nice size partridge at the end of the day. We added it to the "stash". Once we have enough of them in the freezer, we will have a partridge dinner. They are delicious. They are plentiful this year. I've had one cross in front of me in the driveway twice this week, at the same time each day. They are fat this year and she's a beauty.


threecollie said...

Congrats to the new hunter....looks like they were having a lot of fun!

Candy Duell said...
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Candy Duell said...

I can most certainly relate to the excitement of the day. It is great that you got a picture of the guys on their hunt, it is a great picture! I have one son of my own who loves to hunt, and 5 step sons who also love to hunt.My husband also is a hunter, so it is a big time of year for us.
I am noticing, that the deer are not as plentiful this year here either!

How many partridges does it take for you to have your dinner? That is one thing the family has never brought me home.

DayPhoto said...

I am NOT a fan of coyotes! NOT! I don't like to hear them howl and I don't like to know they are anywhere near 'food'.

I suppose they ARE part of the scheme of things, but goodness. I am NOT a fan of coyotes.

Do you have coyote hunting season? Or is there such a thing.

We had a huge group of them several years ago, finally the Divison of Wildlife allowed them to be thinned down. They are coming back, though.